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This Is Goodbye I Guess

I dont think i can keep on blogging here, this site has been affected with many irrelevant posts and even if I’ve deleted them, this blog doesnt feel the same anymore. It used to be my safe place but now, i dont think it serves the same feeling. I will be using another new username and blog from now on and i dont think i want to reveal it here tho. I’ll do my very best this time around to keep it as my safe place.

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Why You Should Always Give People ‘the Benefit of the Doubt’

It’s been nearly 2 months since the first day I came to this college to further my studies in law, and there are abundant of new things that I learned here, but the most significant one for me is to always give people the benefit of the doubt.

It all started when I texted my class members and asked them if there’s anyone that lives at the same block as mine, and there was this one girl who told me that she lives on the same floor as mine and from there, we decided to go to our first class together. (don’t wanna get lost and failed to attend our first class now do we?)(By the way, for the sake of this story, we’ll be using the name Siti)

During the first day, truth be told, she was not my cup of tea. I was not sure what’s the reason, but I felt that Siti was being extra annoying and I was kinda disturbed by it. It went on till the second week I guess? But during the second week, I decided to play that ‘mean card’ and whenever she tried to talk to me, I would try my best to ignore her. I know, sounds so devilish. At that time being, I had this mindset that “I will only need to score this one semester, and if I managed to do that then you don’t have to face any of this nonsense anymore.” But by the end of week 2, I talked to myself “you know what, maybe that’s just the way people are. Not all of them are the same, and that’s why human beings are unique. Try to give her another chance and try to treat her as a friend, not as an acquaintance.” Hence, that’s what I did during the third week.

I soon found out that the more I treat her as a friend, the more I understand her. And the more I understand her, I realised that she’s not as bad as I used to think. Siti turns out to be one of my closest buddy here, and some of the people around us even thought that me and Siti used to be high schoolmates, because we are so in sync (from the way we talk, the way we walk, our appearance and also the way we think). Funny isn’t it?

I have no regrets and I think that giving her my benefit of the doubt might be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Ever since that case, I decided to always try to open myself up to new people. It sounds scary, but you’ll never know if you never even try.


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Keep on Going

I strongly believe that for every hardships that all of us have to face with, there are bunch of beautiful reasons behind it. We might not know ’em now, but sooner or later we will.

At times I do feel exhausted, overwhelmed, etc too. We all do cause that’s what makes us human. Sometimes life hits us super hard till the extend that we feel like there’s no use to work hard in life anymore, till we feel that no matter what, bad lucks will always come chasing after us. Howbeit, I try to resist that feeling. I believe that these hardships will only make me stronger, and closer to Him.

So whenever I feel these negative vibes coming, I’ll take some extra time during my prayers. For me, that’s the only time where I can relax myself from these workloads, and to calm myself. In the end, I’ll come back with extra energy and tackle all of these problems easily.

My advice is, never give up. Believe that there are good things waiting for you, and the problems/hardships that you’re facing at the moment, will ALWAYS be worth it. Never lose faith in Him, and in yourself. If you keep on telling yourself that you “can’t do it”, “are weak”, etc then how are you going to build yourself up? If you can’t believe in yourself than no one can prove you the opposite. Everything starts from you.

I wish all of you the very best for your assignments, examinations, interviews, or whatever that you’re doing in your right now.

Much love,


p/s : I may not convey this entry well enough, and for that I’m sorry

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Things to Do During this Beautiful Month

  1. Avoid using profanities
  2. Use your time well by doing stuffs that are beneficial (ie; recite Quran, read books, help your parents)
  3. Avoid using plastic bags when you go to bazaar or malls to buy clothes. Please bring your own grocery bags or just some tote bags
  4. Overeating isn’t a good thing. You’ll get sleepy easier
  5. Control your desires especially when it comes to food. We don’t want to waste a lot of food during this holy month 🙂
  6. Sleep and wake up early to perform tahajjud
  7. Do consume a lot of water. The weather is kind of hot and can cause you dehydration
  8. Last but not least, let’s do a lot of good deeds 🙂 let’s remember what this month is for

A short checklist for us in order to make this month better for us 🙂 ramadhan kareem everyone 🙂 ❤

Till next time,


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Airplane Mode : On

I’ve been keeping my phone on airplane mode for nearly 2 days now, and I’m thinking of keeping it that way. I think that I might want to stay off any social medias (including this blog) for a certain period of time.

It’s not that I’m not in a good mood or such, I’m perfectly fine. It’s just that I think I’m pretty much overwhelmed by my surroundings for now. Until I’m feeling better, I might keep my airplane mode on.

Yesterday was kind of hard for me, since my friends were venting, reaching out for me but I couldn’t be there for them. I know that it was not appropriate for me to act as such, but I can’t pour from an empty cup. If I’m not feeling good, how am I supposed to make others feel better as well? I just think that my act of selfishness for this time around is 60% justified. I still pity them, of course, but what can I do?

So yeah, that’s it! Take care, my lovelies. Remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Prioritise yourself first, no matter what. You might think that it’s selfish, but it’s not. Really 🙂

That’s it for now,

Take care of yourself, lovelies


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I, personally, noticed how people nowadays aren’t as grateful as they are supposed to. Instead, they keep on comparing themselves with those who are far more superior than them. “Why can’t I be as pretty as her?” “Why can’t I have the same wealth as others?”. All of these whys, they’re not healthy for us, my lovelies. Because a) you’ll have a higher tendency to feel insecure, inferior and sad and also b) you’ll never ever ever ever everrr feel satisfied with what you have, you’ll keep on wanting more and more and more and it’ll be an endless cycle for you, also not to forget c) you’ll keep on questioning things that you shouldn’t.

Now now, it’s not that I’ve never been in this situation before. In fact, I still do. I still compare my beauty with others who are far prettier than me. BUT, I’m trying to keep it under control.

A way that I think can help us to keep on being grateful is to list out everything that we have (even if it’s the smallest thing ever). We’ll notice things that we haven’t before. Hence, here I’ll start with my list first (I won’t list out everything here, obviously. That’ll consume a lotttttt of space)

  1. I have functional parts of body
  2. I have an amazing family (including my cat)
  3. I have amazing friends
  4. I already have my ambition and targets set up
  5. I can do chores without complaining (in fact, i like to do chores)
  6. I have my debate team
  7. I’m still able to perform my prayers
  8. I can still help my friends when they need my help
  9. I can create jokes easily
  10. I have people that i can look up to

You see, sometimes we tend to forget about these small things but let’s admit it here : your life won’t be the same without these small lil things. You might be miserable without ’em. Hence, let’s improve ourselves day by day by being more grateful 🙂

If you’re a Believer, remember this. When we are grateful for what we have at the moment, keep in mind that Allah will give you more 🙂 after all, He’s the one who controls and have everything 🙂

“Wake up in the morning and end your day with a grateful heart”

Let’s do this together, lovelies


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Some of us, including me, when we love someone we tend to forget the true meaning of it. We tend to think that “ok so this person is mine and no one shall take this person away from me”. We’ll do whatever that we can just in order for that person to stay and stick with us. But is that the true meaning of love?

Ever since little, I had this mindset in which ‘my best friend can only have one friend and that one friend should be me’. I thought that IF the people that I love found other people, they’ll soon forget about me and leave me alone. Hence I kept on conquering them without knowing how wrong it was. I thought that it’s okay to act as such, to feel afraid of losing someone that you love.

Somehow one day, I stumbled upon this one video made by this one guy. He said “if you keep on thinking that this person belongs to you, is that loving? Or is it owning?”. That part hit me hard. Then I started to think back about things that I did to people that I love. I kept on controlling them , having these thoughts that I own them. Do I truly love them or am I just owning?

That was the moment in which I started to realise that what I’ve been doing all this while was wrong. I shouldn’t be controlling them. They should have the freedom, because that is what love is about. It’s about trust and freedom.

“What if the person you love run away and leave you alone?” Well, I guess that it’s fine. Because this is about the people that I love. As long as they’re happy, and they have the freedom that they need, then that’s fine by me. In fact, I’ll be happy for them too. Because I love them. I don’t want to own them just for the sake of having them in my life.

Now, I’m starting to let people go as they please, but I have to admit that it’s hard. However, I’ll try to fix that because as I said just now, I love them. I don’t want to own them. “To love, is not to own. To love, is to trust and to give freedom” 🙂

Keep on being positive my lovelies,


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Be in Control of Your Own Fire

It’s 1.31 AM now, according to my digital clock. I would usually write entries when it’s plus minus 3 AM, but I really need to get this out sooner.

So, have you ever felt suddenly angry, annoyed, pissed off, etc at someone or something? Sometimes without any valid reasons at all? It’s okay, it’s not perfectly fine but it’s okay cause that’s normal. We all do that sometimes. I’ve been in high dudgeon for these past few days to be honest. I got mad and annoyed easily over petty things (kinda caused people around me to keep their distance for a while though) and in my opinion, that wasn’t cool and nice of me. Hence, to keep things under control I’ve been practicing these few rules whenever I’m about to get mad at some things.D

Da 4 minutez rule

I can’t quite recall as to where I heard about this rule but it’s very easy to digest it. If you’re feeling mad or angry at anything, just apply this rule. It’s called 4 minutez rule because during the first 4 minutes, you can be all angry you want (avoid being too violent though) since that anger, is valid. However, if you’re still mad or angry after the first 4 minutes passed, it’s better to just drop it. It’s not worth it since the anger is no longer valid. It’s just YOU feeling that you SHOULD be angry about it (but not really).

Why are ya mad, really?

After the four minutes passed, time to think. Calmly. Think, ‘wait, why am I mad again?’. This part is sort of complicated for me to explain it in words, hence I’ll provide a diagram down below 🙂

a diagram that I always use whenever I’m about to get super mad about something

Positive vibes, attack me please

Sometimes, all you need is some space for you to work on with your thoughts. The world may be moving way too fast for you and that’s why you’re a little bit pissed off or grumpy. It’s okay 🙂 Go and listen to your favourite songs, read books, doodles, anything that can make you feel better (read : calm). This will be in the past and you’ll be okay :))

These are the steps that I apply whenever things are about to go bad for me. This doesn’t mean that I don’t get angry at all, I still do. But these steps do help me to cool down a bit and I hope that they can help you too 🙂 Oh and while I was doing some research for this topic, I found a quote and it went like this

Pessimism never won any battle

-Dwight D. Eisenhower

By being angry, you’ll also be surrounded by negativities automatically. And pessimism never won any battle 🙂 Remember to control your own fire or you might burn everything down.


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Stay Happy

With this type of world that we’re living in, I understand why there are lots of people who are sad, stressed and even depressed. I know that sometimes, in life, you feel like everything is wrong, and suddenly you think that you have no one to rely on. I know that at one point in life, you feel that life is being unfair to you. You go everywhere, and you get envy because all that you see is people living their best life. Sometimes you might even ask “Why can’t I be as happy as the rest?”

I know that I’m not a saint, holy, or even a decent person to talk about religion or verses in Quran. But I also like to believe that it’s my duty as a muslim to spread positivity and hope for other people that need it.

When there’s hardship, surely ease will follow after that. If you think that your life sucks at this moment, or if you think that everything’s not going well for you, remember these 2 verses. Allah promised that whenever there’s hardship, there will be ease coming for you. And Allah didn’t only promise you that, He promised twice.

If you keep on wondering when will this end for me? When will I be happy?

Be patient. I know it’s hard for you, trust me, I’ve been there. I know how it consumes a lot of energy for you to just get out of bed every day and how you feel weak all of the time. But please, be patient. It’ll be worth it. Allah is the one who created us, He knows what we need and what we want. Have faith in life, that He won’t ignore us. He’s the most merciful, more than you can ever imagine. Bear that in mind.

Whoever that’s reading this, if you are facing any hardships in your life, i pray that happiness will follow you soon enough. You are strong and you can do this. Put your trust in Him and only Him. I can’t stress enough but I really hope that you can put your trust in Him, and stay strong since good things will happen to you very soon.

Take care,

Xoxo 🙂

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I have so many great quotes about being kind since I just love the vibe, the ideas about it, you know? Sometimes great quotes really get me wondering, pondering for hours.

“Be kind”.

This is one of the quotes that I keep holding onto, cause it’s very short but yet very precise. Whenever I’m about to say something or do something, the first thing that will come into my mind would be firstly “be kind”. So instead of punching someone’s throat, I would be able to calm myself down and just smile and nod.

This quote sort-of help me to control myself in the way I speak, I act, and how I am as a person. It’s not that I’m totally a saint, but yeah, this helps and I hope that it can help others to become a better person too 🙂

You don’t lose anything by being kind, thus, be kind :))